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Decorating a dorm room on a budget doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style or functionality. Here are some must-have products to help you achieve your dream dorm. Plus, some tips on how to maximize your space! 


What’s a dorm without a mini fridge? If you’re like me and don’t like sharing food, this is an essential item. Check out the Arctic King Compact Fridge; it’s currently on sale as I write this, so don’t miss out on this crazy good deal.   

Looking to add an extra layer of comfort to your mattress? Walmart has the Spa Sensations by Zinus 2″ Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper priced at $57.00. This topper provides excellent support and cooling properties for a better night’s sleep.   

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Discover these fantastic home organization finds! This Shoe Rack is now available for just $24.50 on Shein. It’s a minimalist and multi-layered rack to stylishly store your shoes.  

Looking for a skincare storage box? Shein offers an awesome one for $12.20! It features a Nordic clear design with multiple layers and dust-proof protection, perfect for your bedroom or bathroom.   

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Elevate your jewelry organization and grooming routine with these stylish items! H&M offers a Metal Jewelry Stand for $29.99. It’s a sleek and functional stand to display and organize your favourite jewelry pieces.  

Complete your vanity setup with a Metal Table Mirror, priced at $19.99. This mirror features a modern design and is perfect for makeup applications or skincare routines.  

I bet you didn’t know H&M has gorgeous bedding. Well, now you do! Check out this excellent set and ensure your room’s centerpiece is centrepiecing!  

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Urban Outfitters  

Looking to transform your small space into a stylish and cozy haven? Urban Outfitters has got you covered! Explore their collection of Small Spaces Décor, featuring unique and trendy items designed specifically for compact living.  

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The Source  

Do you hate harsh overhead lighting? Same. And if you don’t, you will once you get this MUST have from The Source. These string lights will create immaculate vibes in your room and make the space feel so much warmer and inviting.  

Pick them up in-store and get 10% off as an SPC member!  


BONUS: Here are a few tips to maximize space and make your room look bigger  

  • Keep It Light: Lighter colours make a space feel larger, so consider this when picking your decor items. This includes wall decorations, bedding, and even rugs.  
  • Hidden Spaces: Under-the-bed storage is an excellent way to store items you don’t use frequently, such as out-of-season clothing. Use flat storage bins that can easily slide under your bed.  
  • Declutter Regularly: It’s easy for clutter to pile up in a small space. Regular decluttering can help you keep track of your items and prevent your dorm room from becoming too crowded.  
  • Less is more: Keep the décor simple and minimal. 
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