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Well, it’s that time yet again students. Yes, I’m talking about going back to school. Whether you’re ready to hit the books or dreading the thought of it, I have some essentials and supplies to get you back into the school mindset.  

 Water Bottle  

This one isn’t just a back-to-school essential; it’s a life essential. A person’s water bottle says a lot about them besides the obvious: you care about the environment and want to be hydrated. If you haven’t decided what one you’re vibing with, let me present you with my top 3.   

  1. Stanley 1913: THE ICEFLOW FLIP STRAW TUMBLER for $46.00 BUT SPC+ and SPC members get 20% or 15% off, respectively. (I personally love the cream one)  
  2. SAIL: Hydroflask Wide Mouth Insulated Water Bottle for $57.95, but SPC members save 15% through SAIL!   
  3. Owala: Free Sip Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle for $39.99 via Amazon!   


I don’t understand people that think they’re too cool to wear a backpack. First of all, backpacks are cool if you have the right ones. Second, ergonomically and practically speaking, there is no better way for you to carry around a bunch of heavy shit. Whether it’s for school or the gym, it’s a necessity. So, which backpacks are trending at the moment?  

  1. adidas: ADICOLOR BACKPACK for only $45 PLUS get 25% off as an SPC member! (PLUS PLUS, Adidas has some incredible back-to-school deals you should check out stat).   
  2. SAIL: Fjällräven Kanken Backpack for only $115 through SAIL but save 15% as an SPC member!   
  3. Gymshark: X-Series Bag 0.3 – Black for only $70 but save 10% as an SPC member!     


Another life essential, but I’m putting it here because it’s also a school essential. Let’s face it, nobody likes a stinky classmate. Here are some trending scents that will keep you smelling nice all day long.  

  1. The Body Shop: Orange Blossom perfume for only $56.00, plus save 25% or 20% as an SPC+ or SPC member!   
  2. Dossier: Woody Sandalwood perfume (for the boys) for only $49.00. You can smell like a boss all day long.   
  3. Bath & Body Works: Teakwood for $49.50, but you can save 10% in store as an SPC member!   

Backpack Necessities  

  Everybody needs three things in their backpack; a notebook, a bento box, and a pencil case. Here are my picks:  

  1. Muji: 5 Pack Notebook for only $3.99 PLUS save 10% as an SPC member  
  2. Amazon: Original Bento Box Lunch Boxes for $20.99  
  3. Muji: Square Canvas Pen Case for $12.90, but you save 10% as an SPC member  


 Let’s finish this list with a bang. Everybody needs some new shoes for returning to school, and here are three essential pairs for the school year.   

  1. UGG: You need a pair of Tasman’s to complete that comfy vibe, and SPC gives you a 10% discount!   
  2. Footlocker: Pick up a pair of New Balance 550 Vintage kicks for only $160 PLUS save 20% as an SPC member!  
  3. adidas: Need new gym shoes? Scoop a pair of Ultrabounce’s from adidas for only $110 AND save 25% as an SPC member!   

Not an SPC member yet? Members save so much every year and enjoy awesome perks and contests. You could save almost $100 just on items from this list. So, what are you waiting for? Join today!  

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