Get ready for an epic adventure as we explore the top summer events happening across the country! From Canadian National Exhibition events to food truck festivals, join me as we dive into the excitement and showcase what Canadian events have to offer! 

The Calgary Stampede

(July 7th – 16th)  

Saddle up for the ride of a lifetime at the Calgary Stampede! From July 7th to July 16th, experience the heart-pounding excitement of rodeo events, jaw-dropping horsemanship displays, and delicious culinary delights. Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere, explore thrilling rides, and enjoy captivating shows that showcase Western culture and hospitality. Wanna fit in? Grab some western wear from SHEIN and get up to 20% off as an SPC member. Get your Stampede tickets now!  

The Pacific National Exhibition – Vancouver

(August 20th – September 5th)  

Get ready for the most anticipated event in Vancouver this summer, the Pacific National Exhibition (PNE)! From August 20th to September 5th, enjoy thrilling entertainment, mouthwatering food, and endless fun. With live concerts, captivating shows, and interactive exhibits, the PNE is a must-visit event. Mark your calendars, gather your squad, take lots of Insta bangers, and grab your PNE tickets now!  

Cirque Du Soleil – Alberta

(August 25th – October 8th)  

Embark on a captivating journey with Cirque du Soleil in Alberta! From August 25th to October 8th, witness insane acrobatics, breathtaking artistry, and immersive storytelling. Brace yourself for shocking stunts, stunning costumes, and magnificent set designs that transport you to a realm of wonder. Cirque du Soleil’s show in Alberta guarantees an unforgettable experience of creativity and talent. Secure your CDS tickets now!  

Toronto International Film Festival

(September 7th – 17th)  

Where are my film girlies at? Gear up for the epic film extravaganza, TIFF 2023, in Toronto! From September 7th to 17th, immerse yourself in a mind-blowing lineup of highly anticipated blockbusters and indie gems. Experience thrilling rollercoaster rides like “The Enigma Code” or delve into mesmerizing realms with “Ethereal.” TIFF 2023 merges avant-garde with pop culture, creating unforgettable cinematic memories. Need a movie star outfit? I got you, use your 20% SPC discount at RW & Co!  Grab your TIFF tickets now!  

Toronto Food Truck Festival

(August 4th-7th)  

I went a few years ago, and let me tell you, I had to rock the unbuttoned pants all the way home (worth it, though). From August 4th to 7th at Woodbine Park, embark on a delicious journey with an incredible lineup of food trucks serving mouthwatering flavours and international cuisines. Enjoy “Taco Fiesta” or indulge in juicy burgers from the legendary “Burger Boss.” With fantastic music, live performances, and a buzzing atmosphere, this food truck extravaganza is a foodie’s dream come true. I highly suggest wearing something stretchy… pick something comfy out at Lolë and use your 15% off SPC discount!  

Festival Montréal Complètement Cirque

(July 6th – 16th)  

Step into an enchanting world of mind-blowing acrobatics at the Cirque Festival in Montreal! From July 6th to 16th, witness extraordinary talent, wild stunts, and gravity-defying acts. Experience mesmerizing aerial displays, dazzling fire spectacles, and mind-bending contortionists. Don’t miss this unforgettable festival of artistry. Lock down your tickets now! 

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