Money Tips from a Frugal Gen Z’er

I don’t know about you, but the holidays kicked my A$$. So, in order to help myself, and you, I’ve crafted some helpful money saving tips and tricks to get our spending and saving on track in 2023! 

1. Fashion  

We are living through a period where fashion is faster than ever before. Trends come and go before you can even get your hands on them. So, the question is, how does one keep up with fashion trends without breaking the bank? Well, I’m here to let you in on a little secret. Investing in clothes that last longer will save you a lot of money in the long run. Some great quality brands that I love are KOTN and Levi’s. With the explosion of “vintage” style clothing and a new generation exploring the world of thrifting, we are discovering a new sense of fashion and quality that fast fashion cannot compare with. My biggest tip is to put quality over quantity and buy clothes that last longer than a piece of gum.  

2. Food   

Cooking meals at home is an easy way to help your student budget. If you have no idea where to start let me introduce you to Hello Fresh and Chef’s Plate. Fresh ingredients straight to your door, and easy-to-follow recipes (not to mention insane savings on the first purchases). Once you get used to cooking for yourself, try finding some cost-effective recipes and make portions you can freeze and eat later. It’s okay to eat-out every now and then, but you are capable of making deliciously healthy food at home!  

3. Finances 

A major key to financial stability and saving money is pretty obvious, learn about what your financial institution has to offer you. At the end of the day, they are there to help you take care of your money so use them for all their worth. Speak to a financial adviser and set up RRSP and TFSA accounts when you feel like you are ready to begin saving/investing your money. I recently started using CIBC Smart Planner to help set saving goals for myself. Whether it’s travel, rent, or other large purchases, it helps you stay accountable for your future. 

4. Sampler / Birthday Gifts  

I sincerely hope you haven’t been missing out on birthday freebies your whole life, but if you have it’s time to start enjoying! Food network put together a master list of all the free food/drinks you can get on your birthday as well as what you need in order to get them. While taking advantage of freebies, don’t forget to sign up for SAMPLER. Once you fill out a quick survey, Sampler will find samples to hook you up with and send them to you for free. This is a must do as a student, trust me.  

5. Full price should be your worst enemy 

Inflation isn’t doing us any favours. With rising prices and the quality of products decreasing at every turn, paying full price is something of the past. As students, you have enough to worry about with school expenses and day-to-day costs of living. Using discount programs like SPC, SPC+, and store specific loyalty programs is a no-brainer. Sometimes it only requires one extra step to save hundreds of dollars a year.  

6. Rapid Fire Money Saving Tricks and Tips 

  • Join a family plan for services like Spotify 
  • Only subscribe to Netflix, Disney +, Crave etc. when you want to watch something 
  • Google spreadsheet is free – keep track of your spending 
  • Find out what resources your bank can offer you 
  • Try to manage your fear of missing out, life is more fun when you don’t have to worry about maxing out your credit cards and over drafting your accounts 
  • Find free ways to have fun 
  • Live within your means and not anyone else’s 

For more financial tips and advice please check out these fantastic resources: 


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