What I’m about to say might shock and upset you, but no one wants to go to the movies on Valentine’s Day. Movie dates are a cop out! You can’t talk and you don’t even get to look at each other. It’s not romantic. Okay, now that I’ve gotten that weight off my chest, I’m going to tell you how to win Valentine’s Day so listen up!  

I’m a lot of things, but a traditionalist is not one of them. It really doesn’t matter who you spend the day with. Boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend, new friend, mom, dad, sister, or maybe even your grandma. I don’t subscribe to the idea that you need to have a romantic partner on Valentine’s Day for it to be fun. Good company is good company. Spend the day with people who make you happy! 

Prepare A Meal Together 

Another thing that might shock you is that everyone loves flowers. So don’t pull up to your date empty handed, get a bouquet and start your date off right (get 15% off with SPC). Now, if this date is romantic, I suggest something you can do together. Dinner is a classic but safe choice, so if you’re looking to make an impression, I’d try something with more ✨pizazz✨. If you still want to eat, why don’t you prepare dinner together! It’s romantic and fun, plus you get a delish meal at the end. Too lazy for that? Papa Johns has heart shaped pizzas…nuff said.  

Make A Playlist 

Shit is expensive out there so here is a free Valentine’s idea that will help you win the day. Making a playlist for that special someone is the exact equivalent of making someone an 80’s mix tape in 2023. You can describe how you feel about them through the medium of song and it’s free (assuming you have a music subscription of course). Throw a little Taylor Swift on there and maybe a dash of Coldplay and you’ve got a recipe for looooove!  

First Date Idea: Museum/Art Gallery 

If you or your date is a huge nerd like me, a museum or art gallery is the perfect place to go. The main problem with first dates is trying to fill in those awkward silences, hence interesting art or dinosaur bones to help spark conversation! Better yet, most museums or art galleries have a member program or student rates which makes admissions either free or discounted (which we love here at SPC). Let me give you a line to use on your date: “This [INSERT: art or exhibit] is really cool, but I’d rather look at you.” You’re welcome. 

The Favourite Things Date 

It takes a little bit of prep so this definitely won’t work for a first date. Assuming that you know your partner well, this date will involve doing their favourite things with them. Let’s say your partner loves Starbucks, you’re taking them to Starbucks. Is your partner a golf junkie? Well, it’s time to hit an indoor driving range or maybe a mini putt course! Finish off the date with their favourite food. You get the picture. All of these activities show them how much you love them and that you pay attention to their interests. Remember, healthy relationships aren’t about having all the same interests but rather wanting to try new things with your partner! 

 Look Your Best 

Okay this isn’t a date idea…but I’m saying it anyway. Look, we don’t all look like Timothee Chalamet or Zendaya but there’s no reason why you can’t look your best! This includes, but isn’t limited to; getting a haircut, moisturizing your skin, getting some new clothes, maybe cleaning your sneakers up (remember, they used to be white), brushing your hair and teeth, smelling nice, cleaning your car, making sure your makeup is snatched to the gods, and of course feeling good mentally. Most importantly though, be yourself and have fun!  

37 thoughts on “Date Ideas: How to Win V-Day!”
  1. Follow SPC for an amazing chance to win a fun Valentine’s Day evening.. thank you for the chance would love to win

  2. I would personally just want to keep it lowkeyy and be super intimate with my partner by going on a private dinner or a little boat getaway for the day. However, I live in Canada so it is freezing and I am also very very single so I’ll be with my best friend this valentines day! Galentines day!

  3. Husband and I are both students this Valentine’s day! It’s a weekday so we’ll probably just spend it at home. But hey! It can be Valentine’s day everyday as long as you’re with someone you love.

  4. I like your ideas! The best way to have a great Valentine’s Day is to cook a meal for your honey! That shows that you really care! It doesn’t have to be fancy and make sure there is lots of wine!

  5. I will definitely have to make a playlist! Maybe even create a playlist together which sounds pretty awesome! Thanks for the tips.
    ig: @ap.abrio

  6. I booked a one night stay in a hotel with my wife, dropping the kids off at the grandparents

    IG handle @robpaprocki

  7. Great ideas, my favourite & what we’ll be doing this Valentines Day is preparing dinner together. 😍 IG handle @kikentris

  8. Your content offers something for everyone; it’s useful for both seasoned and newbie readers.

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