It’s SPC’s birthday month, so I want to give you a little peek behind the SPC curtain. In this very exclusive post, I will be introducing some of the faces behind our company. Yes, I did force my coworkers to answer irrelevant and ridiculous questions about themselves for your and my amusement. So without further ado, meet the team!  


Shae S. – Copywriter Extraordinaire 1.5 years   

I am the writer at SPC, but if you find any spelling or grammar mistakes, that was Manny. I have a deep passion for literature, film, music, and the Oxford comma. I enjoy sharing the latest Gen Z slang with my coworkers and keeping them up to date on TikTok trends. The best part of working here is the culture; we are all committed to our work and have a good time while doing it. I hope this post offers a glimpse into how fun life is at SPC! 

What’s your advice for students?  

“Try to make a good impression on a couple professors. You never know who you’ll need a letter of recommendation from later; it helps if they remember you and like you.” – Shae  


Emanuel “Manny” B. – Chief Strategy Officer 5 years  

When I asked Manny which character from “The Office” he resembled the most, he confirmed my suspicions by answering, “Michael Scott.” Manny has had a few cringe-worthy moments reminiscent of Michael, but the similarities don’t stop there. Manny, like Michael, brings a charismatic attitude to work that energizes and engages the team. He sees his colleagues as friends, and his dedication to them extends beyond the workplace (he’d be the first person to show up at your art show, iykyk). Manny also has an out-of-the-box mentality that fosters creativity and new ideas at SPC. And much like Michael, Manny is a favourite character in the office.    

What’s your advice for students?  

“Whether you fail or succeed, make sure it’s doing something you love.” – Manny  


Caleb S. – Product Marketing Manager 9 months  

Also sometimes referred to as C-Money by me. Caleb has only been here for 9 months, but it truly feels like he’s been here for years. Caleb is as intelligent and wise as he is kind and dedicated, making him a pleasure to work alongside. I asked him what his favourite part about working at SPC was. He said, “The team. everyone is so willing to help each other out, and we really try to operate in a ‘win as a team, lose as a team’ manner, and that allows for the team to get close, and learn from each other, especially each other’s strengths and weaknesses.”   

What’s your advice for students?  

“Take it slow. Life comes at you really freaking fast. Enjoy every second of being a student, even when things get stressful. Enjoy time with friends, partying, sleeping and waking up late, and being carefree. That changes very quickly, and no matter if you feel like you are falling behind your peers, it doesn’t matter; only your own pace is right for you. Figure out what works for you and stick to that. Don’t worry about what anyone else thinks. Forget the haters.” – Caleb  


Amanda P. – Graphic Designer 11 months   

The main thing you need to know about Amanda is that she’s an even bigger cat lady than me. You can always count on Bill and Missy to sleep in the background of our meetings. As a graphic designer at SPC, her eye for design is superb. A true wizard at her craft, Amanda is who you want to tackle any creative project. I asked what shoe best represents her, and she said, “high heel combat boots; they’re sassy but can get shit done!” I couldn’t agree more.   

What’s your advice for students?  

“Don’t forget to take breaks while studying and enjoy the small moments!” – Amanda   


Mo – Operations Coordinator 1 year  

Having Mo on your team is a definite win. He exudes positivity, cheers the loudest, and is always willing to go the extra mile for the team. When asked to describe himself in three words, Mo chose “energetic, team player, and social,” very self-aware, Mo. In true Torontoman fashion, his favourite album is Drake’s “What A Time To Be Alive.” If you ever see the SPC crew at your school, Mo is the one drawing the crowd.  

What’s your advice for students?  

“Don’t give up on school.” – Mo (truly inspiring).   


Niya K. – Partnerships Manager 1.5 years  

The most stylish person at SPC, Niya, is always serving looks. When I asked her what office character she was most like, she said, “Kelly, because I also look really good in white.” And honestly, pretty much every other colour too. If I had to put a face on SPC, I’d definitely pick Niya’s. She is the first person to lend a helping hand if you ever need one, no matter how much work she has on her plate. Everybody needs a Niya on their team.   

What’s your advice for students?  

“Your individuality is really valuable – be yourself, and don’t let others tell you who you should be!” – Niya   


Lorena M. – Marketing Director 14 years  

Yup, you read that right. 14 years at Student Price Card. A role model for all women in the workforce. Her wisdom, attitude, and dedication make working under Lorena a dream. Imagine a car with no engine; that would be SPC without Lorena. Hailing from Italy, it’s no surprise “pasta!” was her answer to “If you could only eat one dinner meal for the rest of your life, what would you choose?” I’m still working on getting those recipes from her.   

What’s your advice for students?  

“Remember that these years are for learning, growth, and exploration. Embrace the opportunities and challenges that come your way and make the most of your time as a student. It’s not always about getting the best grades; it’s also about developing new skills, building relationships, and enjoying the journey. Don’t take life too seriously, or you’ll miss all the fun memories that will slip by.” – Lorena  


Lindsay B. – Senior Partnerships Manager 1 month  

As you can see, Lindsay is quite new. So, I had to ask her some hard-hitting questions to really get to know her. But, based on her answers, I’ve got a hunch she will fit in perfectly here.   

If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would you choose?   


Best album of all time?  

“Oh Boy – of all time? Right now, I am stuck on Midnights by Swift.” A woman after mine-own heart.  

Who is the funniest person at SPC?  

“I am too new to know this yet, LOL” She’ll learn soon enough it’s me.   

What’s one piece of advice you have for students?  

“Be who you are and say what you feel because those who matter don’t mind, and those who mind don’t matter.” – Lindsay  


Dante M. – Digital Marketing Coordinator 2 years   

Dante describes himself as “disciplined, passionate, and old-school.” While I agree with all those, I think we should add “cool” and “mysterious” to that list. Sometimes I call him “cool guy Dante” or “international man of mystery” behind his back. I’ve always admired his confidence and his ability to take charge of any situation. But beneath the cool exterior, he’s also incredibly kind and empathetic. Dante has a way of making everyone feel heard and appreciated, and his positive attitude is infectious. 

What’s one piece of advice you have for students?  

“Save as much as you can; you will thank yourself later.” – Dante   


Anjum P. – People Operations Manager – 4 years   

Unlike Toby Flenderson, our HR superstar Anjum is the key to the incredible culture here at SPC. She works insanely hard to ensure SPC is a fun, positive, and safe place. A creative in her own right, she also sells beautiful hand-crafted items that you should check out! Anjum is the type of team member who puts everyone else’s needs first with a smile on her face. So in a world full of Toby’s, find yourself an Anjum.   

What’s one piece of advice you have for students?  

Don’t focus on the title; look for the experience that aligns with what you’re naturally good at – you’ll be happier in the long run.” – Anjum  


Nick B. – Director of Business Development and Partnerships 2 years  

Nick is, without a doubt, everyone’s favourite British guy at SPC (he also happens to be the only one, but that’s irrelevant). Easily SPC’s most charismatic team member, you can always count on Nick to liven up any room he steps into. A die-hard Newcastle United FC fan, Nick is emblematic of UK stereotypes. The meal he would choose to eat every day would be a full-English fry-up. I’m not entirely sold on black pudding, Nick.   

What’s one piece of advice you have for students?    

“Step outside of your comfort zone at every available opportunity. It may be scary, but that’s where you’ll find your biggest achievements and most enjoyable experiences!” – Nick   


Samantha K. – Creative Marketing Manager 9 months   

Meet Sam, a talented marketing manager with a unique flair. She not only has a keen eye for branding and advertising, but she also has a passion for animals. Believe it or not, Sam has chickens with the best names; Sheila, Curly, Basket Case, Deena the Dinosaur, and Rudy Road Runner. But what truly sets Sam apart is her colourful hair. Whether it’s a vibrant pink or a bright yellow, her hair is a true reflection of her creativity and individuality. It’s no wonder she’s such an effective marketer – she’s always thinking outside the box and finding new ways to make an impact.  

What’s one piece of advice you have for students?  

“Don’t be scared to voice your opinion.” – Samantha  


Melissa W. – Affiliate Manager 5 months  

In only 5 months here at SPC, Melissa has become an integral team member. Her calm, cool, and collected attitude is a great solace when things get busy. Sharing my love of rubber shoes, she says the shoe that best represents her is “Crocs in sport mode.” She just gets me. A self-proclaimed “data nerd,” Melissa is the one to go to when you need some hard stats or want to see pictures of her adorable dog, Kali!   

What’s one piece of advice you have for students?  

“Figure out what you love doing! Working is way more enjoyable when you’re doing something you’re passionate about.” – Melissa  


Lauren C. – Marketing Coordinator 5 months  

Lauren is a remarkable team member who excels in keeping us organized and on track, despite her notorious reputation for never washing her water bottle. She’s always willing to lend a helping hand, even if the task is outside her comfort zone. With her dedicated work ethic and infectious sense of humour, she brings a lot of positivity to the team. In just five months, Lauren has made a significant impact on our camaraderie and friendship. Lauren, if you’re reading this, please go clean your water bottle.   

What’s one piece of advice you have for students?  

“Be committed to your schoolwork, but also make time for other important hobbies. Those are where the core memories happen!” – Lauren  


Alleya K. – Customer Success Manager 1.5 years  

After forcing Alleya to fill out my questionnaire, it appears we have way more in common than I already thought we did. I asked her, “If you were arrested, what would it be for?” Alleya answered, “For hogging the mic at a karaoke bar.” Girl, same. Ask anyone; Alleya is one of the funniest in the office. She can easily make a boring task the most fun part of your day just by being herself. Alleya’s positive attitude and dedication is something we should all work to emulate.   

What’s one piece of advice you have for students?  

“Be authentic always.” – Alleya  


Ariana M. – B2B Marketing Specialist 2 months  

Ariana shares the same enigmatic coolness as her brother Dante. It’s becoming clear that this might just be a genetic trait. When we asked her about her celebrity crush, Ariana didn’t disappoint. She revealed it to be the one and only Harry Styles. Clearly, she has exquisite taste. However, her response to being asked about her favourite album of all time left me a little baffled. She simply replied, “I don’t really listen to music.” It’s giving serial killer, Ariana. Despite this quirk, she and her adorable wiener dog Sal have been a great addition to the SPC team!   

What’s one piece of advice you have for students?  

“It’s not that deep. The stakes aren’t as high as they seem; enjoy it. – Ariana   


Monish B. – Senior Product Manager 2 years  

Despite his calm and stoic nature, Monish is a big fan of rap, with his favourite artist being NAV. He certainly doesn’t seem like the guy to blare trap beets, but I guess that’s the duality of man. If given the chance to have dinner with anyone, dead or alive, he’d choose the legendary basketball player Kobe Bryant. It’s clear that Monish is a big fan of successful individuals who have worked hard to achieve their goals. Speaking of hard work, Monish is a powerhouse of knowledge and is always willing to share his expertise with others.   

What’s one piece of advice you have for students?  

“Try to take calculated risks when you’re young. If you have an opportunity to work somewhere overseas, or travel somewhere overseas, or start your own business, go for it. Don’t try to think of life as School -> Work -> Repeat. Try to find other areas to be creative (in work, personal interests like dancing or art or reading), and try to take these risks when young. Also, always find time in the day for something that doesn’t require thinking (e.g.: working out, fitness classes, Yoga, etc.); those are crucial to maintaining good mental health and will only help you maximize your potential.” – Monish   


Yasmine D. – Senior Partnership Manager 1 year 11 months  

Despite answering “busy, busy, busy” to what three words describe you best, Yasmine always takes extra time to check in on her coworkers and make you feel like the only person in the room with her attention. Her caring nature is what sets her apart as a teammate. She treats her clients like family and does everything she can to make everyone happy. A proud mom to her self-proclaimed “mini-me,” Yasmine brings that same nurturing spirit to her relationships with coworkers and clients. Yasmine is a joy to work with here at SPC.   

What’s one piece of advice you have for students?  

“Make smart investments early.” – Yasmine  


Soula D. – Finance Officer 11 years

Soula has quite a range of interests and qualities. Her favourite meal is souvlaki dinner, reflecting her love for delicious food and Greek heritage. As an accountant here at SPC, she takes great pride in her work and always strives to be excellent at what she does. Which she certainly is. As one of the most senior members of SPC, nobody knows the business quite like Soula. Her expertise and experience are what make her such an invaluable team member. Our favourite thing about Soula is the infectious smile she brings to work every day!  

What’s one piece of advice you have for students?  

“Spend less, save more, but have fun while buying quality. Not stuff.” – Soula  


Khim D. – Graphic Designer 1 year

Khim is that quiet coworker that is hysterically funny whenever she chooses to speak. If our work was a reality TV show, Khim would, without a doubt, be a fan favourite. As one of the graphic designers here, Khim brings a level of creativity and ingenuity far exceeding anything we’ve seen. Her commitment to producing high-quality work is inspiring to the rest of the creative team here at SPC. Fun fact about Khim, her favourite drink is Milk Tea, but she’s a tapioca hater. What do you have against Boba, Khim?   

What’s one piece of advice you have for students?  

“Make lots of friends, always be extra, have enough sleep, and drink lots of water, not just coffee.” – Khim  


Sang T. – Product Marketing Assistant 1 year

Sang is a multi-talented guy who wears many hats, including being our customer service guru and an exceptional problem solver. Every time I talk with him, I discover something new about him. For instance, he is an enormous Taylor Swift fan. His all-time favourite album is Folklore (exceptional taste, may I add). Sang’s preferred drink is a gin and tonic, which speaks volumes about his classiness. Additionally, Sang is an avid vinyl collector with extensive knowledge in the field. In fact, he even owns a rare vinyl worth approximately $50,000!  

What’s one piece of advice you have for students?  

“Effortlessness is a myth. The ones who wanted it the least are the ones you wanted to be friends with in high school. But now, the ones who want it the most are the ones who get the furthest.”

– Sang 


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