Pick of the week: Waterproof digital camera

$119.99, The Source (-10% with SPC Card)

In honour of The Amazing Spider-Man, in theatres today, and Peter Parker’s real-life job as a photographer, a durable camera for summer seems like an appropriate pick.

Although we’re not likely to be swinging from spiderwebs and snapping action shots as we dive through the air, we may want to collect some memories as we dive into the lake – or pool – during summer vacation.

Even going on a canoe trip or hanging out at my friends’ cottages on the docks makes me fear for the life of my camera. Splashing, lots of waves and the constant possibility that I’m about to be unknowingly pushed into the water makes me reluctant to tote a nice digital camera on any watery outdoor expeditions.

The Nikon Coolpix S30 Waterproof Digital Camera is the newest addition to my summer shopping list. It comes in blue, pink or white and is shockproof up to two feet (for smaller falls than Peter Parker’s camera might endure). The reasonably priced 10MP photo-snapper has image stablization, can record in HD and has an LCD screen.

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