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SPC members love to be in the know. We keep up with fashion trends, the latest sports gear, new technology and more. Beyond that, we love a good deal – which is why we have SPC Cards, right?

With an endless number of places to shop (and a lot of them out of our budget), it can get a little overwhelming. Finding the stuff we really want isn’t always easy, so I’m here to help you. With your requests, feedback and advice,  I’m searching for the things real students need for their everyday lives – and the occasional big night out.

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About Romina 

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 Growing up as a pop culture junkie in the Greater Toronto Area, Romina decided to head to The University of Western Ontario  and specialize in Media, Information and Technoculture. Since then, Romina honed her social media and journalism skills while interning at the world’s largest popular trend community website Trend Hunter. As the owner of many patterned pants, Romina uses the internet as her tool of choice to find fashion inspiration from high fashion to street style. Tirelessly trying to incorporate the endless supply of trends into her everyday wardrobe has trained Romina to spot the best deal online. This way, she is able to have enough money left in her wallet to complete the adventures left on her bucket list and indulge in Instagram-worthy meals.